5 Benefits of Joining the Cryptocurrency Trend that Only a Handful of People Know.

5 Benefits of Joining the Cryptocurrency Trend that Only a Handful of People Know.

The global economy moves towards a digital eco-system inevitably. From investment to money transfer, everything is going cashless and also paperless. The newest and most promising addition to the digital payment sector is cryptocurrency.

A cryptocurrency is a medium of exchange like normal currencies but designed for the purpose of exchanging digital information. Cryptocurrency is a decentralized “digital or virtual currency that uses cryptography for security” making it difficult to counterfeit.


Since central authority did not issue this and is obviously decentralized, governments can’t take it away from you. Over the last couple of years, digital currency has been rapidly gaining the public eye.

Vuuzle Media Corp Limited, an international company, under the roof of new and basic progressive & promising ideas for the media are located, has also jumped into the trend of cryptocurrency.

Vuuzle Media Corp Limited goes with time and promotes such progressive projects: the streaming service Vuuzle.TV, the modern Vuuzle Dubai Studios, the music application Vumu Music, an artificial intelligence application called Clout 9, the Gamevuu gaming application, a modern online platform with a wide range of products of the world’s largest brands The Dubai Shopping Channel, as well as a the Vuco Coin  token and cryptocurrency trading platform Cryptocaptrades.

So, why do you need to join the cryptocurrency trend? Here are 5 benefits you of jumping into cryptocurrency, that a few only knew!


When cryptocurrency began, all confirmed transactions are stored in a public ledger and all identities of coin owners are encrypted to ensure the legitimacy of record keeping. The government nor bank has any control over it.

With Cryptocaptrades, your assets arealso stored in a highly secured and safe wallet where only YOU can control your money. The exclusivity of the app assures you that no one can touch your digital assets without the private key.


The ledger ensures that all transactions between “digital wallets” can calculate an accurate balance.

Regular checking of all transactions makes sure that the coins used are owned by the current spender. With security like this, blockchain technology ensures secure digital transactions through encryption and “smart contracts” that make the entity virtually un-hackable and void of fraud.

With layers of security used by Cryptocaptrades, your hard-earned investments and also confidential information are safe with us!


Blockchain is the reason why cryptocurrency has any value. Ease of use is the reason why cryptocurrency is in high demand. All you need is a smart device, an internet connection and instantly you become your own bank making payments and money transfers.

Cryptocaptrades have nodes all around the globe so you can choose a specific node based on your location to speed the transaction up.


There are over two billion people with access to the Internet who don’t have rights to use to traditional exchange systems.

Cryptocaptrades support leading crypto protocols and cryptocurrencies – BTC, ETH, CMT, ERC20 and CRC20, making it also accessible to almost all traders worldwide!


There’s no other electronic cash system in which your account is owned by you. Enjoy exclusivity and personalization at its finest with Cryptocaptrades.

As a bonus to our future users, Cryptocaptrades will also be offering Bounty Programs where we will hold activities that highly benefit the Cryptocaptrades users on a regular basis. This would be a good opportunity to generate extra money in this market.

Cryptocaptrades is also welcome to third-party developers to co-build with our blockchain ecology. We believe that partnerships will lead to more DAPPs that will land and bring blockchain to our daily lives in the near future.

Cryptocaptrades portrays innovation, well-designed, and developed all-in-one wallet. We keep on continuously expanding the boundaries of what you can do with a wallet.


This innovative, whole blockchain ecology is now available in Google Play Services.

For Apple users, hang in there for a little more time as we are still working on this amazing application.

Stay tuned for more updates!

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