Artist Introduction // Michael Reeves

Artist Introduction // Michael Reeves

Michael Reeves jr. also known for his stage name Mike Reeves is an upcoming American Musician, RnB Singer-Songwriter, and record producer.

He has been blessing the world with his old school RnB with a new school flare since 2008. Growing up as a young black man in a single-mother household, there were very limited outlets to escape the stress and temptations of the streets. Music is where he found peace and comfort in the words and rhythms of Marvin Gaye, Dru Hull, Babyface, Brian McKnight, and many more 90’s legends. In this place of comfort, a voice and spirit of determination to change his situation was born.

Years of working brought him to a turning point in his career when he got an opportunity to work with Hefe Wine on a record called “Heaven”. He wrote and produced the hit that was later streamed on multiple platforms and premiered on BET, VH1, and MTV. Since then he has had the pleasure of working with many greats like Omari Hardwick, Kid Ink, TEC, Chris Sails, world-known producer Mr.Lee, AD, Don Benjamin and even going on tour with the legendary RnB group H-town.


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Now in the year 2021, he is back and plans to change the game of RnB with a mixture of old school with a new school flare. So real RnB shale never die.

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