I see the goal, I see no obstacles” – this is about PREMIUM Vuuzle.TV on Roku

I see the goal, I see no obstacles” – this is about PREMIUM Vuuzle.TV on Roku

“Setting goals is the first step in turning the invisible into the visible”, – Tony Robbins.

Goal setting involves setting specific, achievable, realistic, and also time-bound goals. As a result, Vuuzle Media Corp not only skillfully sets goals, but also achieves them successfully. That’s a fact! Vuuzle.TV has also no rivals among platforms that provide free TV through AdTech. It is worth noting that Vuuzle TV can be viewed on mobile devices  iOS ,  Android , as well as  Vuuzle.TV and Roku!

Roku is a brand of hardware digital media players manufactured by the American company Roku, Inc. They also offer access to streaming multimedia content from various online services.

The first Roku model, developed in collaboration with Netflix, was introduced in May 2008. Roku devices are considered influential in the digital media player market, which also promotes the concept of low-cost small-format set-top boxes for excessive media consumption.

Interestingly, Roku was founded by Anthony Wood in 2002, who had previously founded ReplayTV, a DVR company that competed with Tivo. After the failure of ReplayTV, Wood worked at Netflix for a while. In 2007, Wood began working with Netflix on “Project: Griftin,” a set-top box that allows Netflix users to stream Netflix content to their TVs. Just weeks before the launch of the project, Netflix founder Reed Hastings decided that it would interfere with licensing agreements with third parties. This potentially prevents Netflix from other similar platforms and closed the project. But then, Netflix decided to support Roku – and so came the first set-top box in 2008. And in 2010 the company began to offer models with different capabilities, which eventually became their standard business model.


In 2019, Vuuzle began its advertising debut, distributing high-budget traffic on various advertising platforms such as Google and Facebook. This created high-conversion sequences that attracted new users to Vuuzle. Also, the advertising campaign came as a success, as the number of requests increased to an average of 250,000 per day.

Vuuzle Media Corp. founder Ronnie Flynn claims that in today’s world of streaming, the subscription fee became outdated. You need to move forward and make your choice in favor of OTT technology.

Working with Roku has allowed Vuuzle to scale ad demand with demand on a higher, targeted scale. Moving large portions of social advertising budgets to OTT direct traffic has allowed Vuuzle to show advertising campaigns to people willing to watch   Vuuzle.TV for a specific period of time.

Vuuzle.TV is FREE for the consumer, using software advertising that is supported by free TV advertising. The platform has millions of viewers worldwide. Last week alone, more than 35,000 people downloaded Vuuzle to their Roku devices.


Vuuzle already has millions of active viewers and one of the largest online libraries of free, premium content in the world.

It is worth noting that Vuuzle is the only free streaming service that creates more than 50 new TV shows per month, as well as movies exclusively for Vuuzle.TV at the innovative Vuuzle Studios located in Dubai (UAE).


The Vuuzle.TV library is constantly updated and has a wide range of movies and new TV shows shot in the UAE. Vuuzle.TV has more than 40 genre categories – comedy, drama, family and children’s programs, classics, horror and others.

The Roku platform says that Vuuzle offers a variety of content: news, entertainment, fashion and music from around the world. The site is updated daily with interesting content, fresh trailers, movies, TV series and shows.


Content on Roku devices is provided by the company’s partners. Users can add or delete different channels using the Roku Channel Store. The Roku website does not specify which channels are free for its users. But as already mentioned,  Vuuzle.TV is FREE!

Cooperation with Roku opens new perspectives for Vuuzle Media Corp and expands the target audience!

In particular, in 2014 Roku cooperates with manufacturers of smart TVs for the release of RokuTV with built-in Roku functionality. In 2015, Roku won the first Emmy Award for Television Improvement. Roku announced its first branded Smart TV, and released in late 2014. These TVs are manufactured by companies such as TCL, Westinghouse and Hisense, and use the Roku user interface as the “brain” of the TV. On September 28, 2020, Roku introduced the ninth generation of products.

Author: Ivanna Samotei // Vuuzle Media Corp Chief Content Writer & Public Relations Specialist

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