What does it take to build a successful company and what is it remembered by?

Is it the product or the visionary behind its pursuit for excellence or both?

An article online recently suggested that all the great entrepreneurs are only connected to us through their work.

It claimed that it’s a 100 % fact that People are known only by their workOtherwise no one will look at you. Could it be true? Let’s explore.

If I say Microsoft, it will remind you of Bill Gates.

If I say Facebook, it will remind you of Mark Zuckerberg.

If I say Amazon, it will remind you of Jeff Bezos.

If I say Alibaba, it will remind you of Jack Ma.

If I say Berkshire Hathaway, it will remind you of Warren Buffett.

If I say Apple, it will remind you of Steve Jobs.

If I say Tesla, it will remind you of Elon Musk.

Well soon you might be hearing the name Ronnie Flynn from Vuuzle.Tv as the platform gains significant traction amongst consumers unwilling and opposed to paying for subscription fees for movies, television shows, music and live entertainment.

The reason is that most visionaries help build companies over time by procuring contracts, hiring the best possible personnel and waiting for just the right time to unveil new technology or a point of difference that becomes a game changer.

Now could be that time. And here’s why.

The global pandemic has invariably changed the way people purchase, behave and source entertainment. The parameters of  what is considered “Normal” have shifted whether we like it or not and will never be quite the same again. And the follow on has affected many businesses and industries as a result. Let’s have a look at how it is all playing out.

More people around the world are now working from home even though they have been invited back to their prospective offices. At home, they don’t need to wear face masks or wash their hands as frequently or waste time travelling to and from work which in turn increases productivity and reduces travel expenses.

This means that there are less people in city offices around the world which means less foot traffic for surrounding café’s, restaurants, parking complexes, convenience stores and so on.

Commercial rental in some cases has been deferred or reduced however it must still be paid and this requires physical store owners to pay for it from foot traffic which simply isn’t there. Clothing stores and retail outlets in particular are finding it extremely difficult and many have closed their doors forever.

Gold’s Gym filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection in May and 24 Hour Fitness filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy in June, announcing at the time that it would permanently close 130 of its gym locations in the US.

As the pandemic continues, more and more people are choosing to shop online and make do with what they can from their homes.

Amazon shares have skyrocketed as a result of the fallout which has fueled a hiring spree as the company looks to hire over 100,000 new full-time warehouse staff and delivery workers in the United States and Canada to keep up with increasing demand for online products.

So, the coronavirus pandemic has forced consumers to rely on e-commerce fulfillment as opposed to traditional ways of shopping.

Many people have lost their jobs as businesses scale down and unemployment figures rise which impact families that finding it increasingly harder to make ends meet. So what happens next? People start the process of minimizing expenses to cope.

Non-essential services are the first to be minimized. Perhaps the decision to reduce a cell phone plan or cut back on a cable television subscription is required. In Fact, over 44 million Americans switched from cable tv to ROKU just this year so that they can watch content on smart Tv’s instead without a monthly subscription fee.

This logical decision makes sense. Why pay over $200 in some cases for a set-top box with cables and wires and standard quality dependent upon a broadcasting signal when you can get more variety in high definition over a wi-fi connection whenever you want and wherever you are in the world?

It is no surprise that social distancing has crippled the cinema industry.  It has been through such a dramatic shift during the pandemic that many theaters have closed, and there are concerns that the industry will take years to recover.

And this is that “time and place, crossroad” that we come back to.

Vuuzle.Tv has acquired major contracts and partnerships with affiliated industry heavyweights like SPOT X, ROKU and VERIZON MEDIA to name a few which may propel the company to become a major contender in online streaming.

In Fact, Vuuzle Tv has engineered a way to allow advertisers to bid on advertising spots in real-time using pioneered splicer technology created by talented information technology backend specialists that previously worked on projects like AOL oath that have had years to hone their skills.

As a result, has just beaten hundreds of other companies in their industry to win the prestigious 3rd Annual Verizon Brand Blazer award.

What they have almost finished creating would ultimately be a world first. An enterprise level platform that allows for Movies. TV Series, Local and International Television channels, A music component called VUMU, a gaming network called GameVU, not to mention live celebrity performances, News, Sports, viewer live streaming from around the world and business section creating exposure and promotion and generating income for those businesses all in the one place for free.

In addition,, who has a global presence in over 6 countries, has just built state of the art production studios in Dubai which is a hub for innovation and technology. And word on the street is that this multi-million dollar backlot has caught the attention of a major household name in the movie industry that has signed preliminary contracts to give Vuuzle Studios a green light on a Movie and TV Series deal worth over €100 Million Euros again in part to restriction on filming in Europe that aren’t prevalent in the UAE.

Just like Amazon took years to grow, so too has Vuuzle.Tv and when the time comes, some may think it is an overnight success?

However, early seed investors, the hundreds of employees and it’s

iconic CEO, only know the hard yards and controversy it needed to overcome in order to compete, succeed and become a tier one player in such a heavily saturated industry.

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