Meet VUCO CASH – New Complete Defi Platform

Meet VUCO CASH – New Complete Defi Platform

Meet VUCO CASH – New Complete Defi

DeFi (decentralized finance) are various types of services, among which cryptocurrency deposits and loans have taken the first place in terms of popularity since May 2020. These services are based on various DAPPs, which are mainly “produced” on the Ethereum blockchain.

VUCO CASH is a DeFi (decentralized finance) platform developed on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC).


The universal digital solution VUCO CASH is a DeFi platform that will soon provide everything that crypto enthusiasts need – including lending services, staking, fiat betting, money transfers, and uninterrupted payments.

Undoubtedly, behind such innovative and serious projects, there is always a highly professional and diverse team, where there are members with extensive experience and understanding of how to find an opportunity to enter previously inaccessible markets.


Available services are diverse and include lending and borrowing, derivative instruments, payment systems, mining of liquidity, etc.

The task of the creators of VUCO CASH is to create a single access point in the blockchain, which will allow users to improve the user experience, which is both simple and direct, as well as intuitive thanks to the perfect user interface.

The acquisition of VUCO now gives control over multiple revenue streams in OTT streaming movies and music, using the Ethereum ER720 Crypto token to create smart contracts in a blockchain.

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Thanks to the use of the Ethereum network, ERC-1155 tokens are safe, promising in trade, and resistant to hacking. ERC-1155 can be used to create unchanged VUCO “NFT” tokens, which offer utility in the form of currency on various platforms. ERC-1155 includes optimization that makes transactions more efficient and secure.

ERC-721 introduces the standard for VUCO COIN NFT’S, in other words, this type of token is unique and may have a different value than another token from the same smart contract, possibly due to its age, rarity, visual appearance, and more.

The procedure to be used for NFT minting is relatively simple. Users will be able to follow the platform’s tips and recommendations, and then confirm the Wallet Connect operation from the MetaMask program. Once they have connected the ETH wallet to VUCO NFT, they will be able to create the first NFT.


Here are the services that can be found at VUCO CASH:

This platform offers users the opportunity to use leverage when processing liquidity extraction protocols on the BSC (for example, PancakeSwap), allowing both lenders (those who offer loans) and borrowers (those who borrow and invest LP) to enjoy a much higher APY on a secure and reliable platform.

How is the lending process itself?

  1. The smart contract borrows the amount of BNB from the bank based on the level of the user’s leverage.
  2. Assets are traded, making sure they have the same value on both sides of the pair.
  3. Liquidity is provided by a pair according to the selected protocol.
  4. LP tokens are obtained for the liquidity provided. LP tokens are then placed on the farm for this protocol.
  5. Reward tokens are processed.
  6. Processed tokens are sold for more liquidity, increasing the total value of the user’s position.
  7. Then the process is repeated.

And what about games?

With VUCO CASH the user will be able to enjoy the bright world of games – and it’s free. In general, the goal is to create a cohesive community that interacts, communicates, and invites other users to participate. The platform will offer the opportunity to actually earn real, tangible rewards with complete freedom to use them at will. During development, the team pays close attention to scalability and UX / UI to make the platform fun, fast, and easy to understand, especially for those just starting out crypto world.

VUCO CASH is new opportunities COMING SOON!

The DeFi VUCO CASH platform will allow users to access liquidity available on a large number of decentralized exchanges (DEX). It will also help traders get the best prices for the tokens they want to trade by comparing prices on several decentralized exchanges and choosing the best offer to trade (ie the least price impact).

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