Prophecy Onasis & Ted Joseph Announces Two New Stations On VUMU

Prophecy Onasis & Ted Joseph Announces Two New Stations On VUMU

Henry Wadsworth Longfellow wrote, “Music is the universal language of mankind.”

Scientists at Harvard have just published the most comprehensive scientific study to date on music as a cultural product, which supports the American poet’s pronouncement and examines what features of the song tend to be shared across societies.

CTO Prophecy Onasis & CEO Ted Joseph, share in Mr. Longfellow’s quote, by giving the world the music that is needed during these times of uncertainty and rebuilding our global society during this pandemic. As we enter Spring and are hopeful, we are happy to announce 2 new stations on the VUMU platform, Top 40 hits in both Christian and Latin Music respectfully are live on VUMU. Our plan was to roll out these stations to the audiences of both genres that are large and dedicated to the culture of the music and the artists that are on the playlists, says CTO Prophecy Onasis.

VUMU has many more stations that will roll out over time and the key is to assure the listeners that the Streaming Platform will evolve into something completely different from other music streaming experiences.

CEO Ted Joseph believes in quality above all. He wants the listener to have control in what they want to listen to. VUMU’s model has been constructed to allow the listeners to set the criteria, not the music charts. Remember, “Music is the universal language of mankind.”

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