Three things that Vuuzle team players are learning along the way

Three things that Vuuzle team players are learning along the way

The experience of working with Vuuzle Media Corp feels like forever because of what the company’s team players met along the way. Achievements are not always huge and loud. Sometimes, they come in the form of lessons and small wins we silently celebrate.


Here are the achievements a Vuuzle team player has achieved and learned along the way:

First, gaining confidence.

Vuuzle Media Corp founder Ronnie Flynn is widely known in the company for being generous of chances. He believes that every person deserves to be employed, and great attitude will surely stand out.

A lot of employees just simply knew the basics of the job, passed their almost blank resume, and gave it a brave shot. But look at them now, Vuuzle Media Corp ventured out to different businesses and is continuing to flourish in the field!

Opportunities and deals always come to those who risk.

Second, never stop learning.

Being hired is just the beginning. Vuuzle employees often spent months working beyond office hours just to know the in and out of the business, humbly sought advice from seniors, watched tutorial videos, and read blogs.

Vuuzle Media Corp is best known for being innovative in nature. In fact, earlier this year, the company received a brand blazer award from Verizon Media!


Vuuzle teamplayers always have this mantra– “I shouldn’t aim for the best, because the best stops there, and aim to be better and better through nonstop learning and exploring.” Today, Vuuzle.TV has millions of network statistics across the globe!


Third, never break trust.

Working in a company is giving a piece of yourself to it.

There are times that loyalty will be tested, especially when unfortunate events happen within the company. These challenges shall determine what kind of employee you are. Are you trustworthy, or will you leave when problems arise?

Fortunately, Vuuzle team players are faithful and true. Along the way, the foundation of trust that has been built with the founder and among co-employees was so strong. There are a lot of better employees and overqualified people, but the one you trust would always stand out.

Everyone learned how to value the trust and all employees think of this every time they create an output.

vuuzleHappy times and healthy work relationship among Vuuzle Media Corp employees around the globe!

Author: Francesca Jade S. Hernandez | Content Writer & Public Relations Specialist

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